Partner with us

You can help struggling Hornby families find support within their communities.

You can help some of the most isolated Hornby children find connection, with layers of support built up around them.

We’re building connections.

The problem

Many Hornby families are feeling isolated and becoming increasingly lonely.

The challenges of the cost of living crisis, technology and our post-Covid world are difficult enough to navigate, while many juggle added complexities of difficult family situations, health or mental health challenges. For some, that’s further complicated by long term intergenerational problems like violence, poverty and abuse.

So how do we find these often isolated families and help them build connections, trust and community?

So how can you help stuggling Hornby families find support and connections within their schools and communities?

Become a Hornby Champion.


How do we make a change?


We work hard to build trust with families in Hornby, and offer support with whatever needs they have, meeting them wherever they are at.

We’ve made a long-term commitment to some of the most isolated, hard to reach families in Hornby, through our Longitudinal Whānau Support programme (LWS). It offers intensive, long term support to at-risk families from when their children are aged 5 to aged 20, alongside a school-based Opportunity Hub connecting families with the wider community to provide children sports, arts or cultural opportunities.

We also offer subsided or fully funded services to Hornby families in need, including counselling services, school-based mental health support for children, before and after school programmes and holiday programmes, and community support services offering both practical support and a listening ear.


We are a local community trust based in the heart of Hornby called Te Whare Awhero (Hope House) and our work focuses on the southwest of Christchurch. 

As well as our Longitudinal Whanau Support programme, we provide not for profit counselling services, community support services, Horizons Oscar before and after school and holiday programmes, and Mana Ake school-based mental health support services to children.

Head to to learn more.

How can you help?

To make a long term commitment to Hornby families, we can’t rely only on Government grants or sponsorship, which can come and go. We also need the support of our community.

By becoming a Hornby Champion, your support of $50.00 per month will help us to continue our work and bring hope to local families.

We’ll provide you with regular updates on what your support has made possible, as well as opportunities to get involved directly. 

You can help some of the most vulnerable Hornby families find long term support and connections that will enable them to thrive.

Become a Hornby Champion.


What is a
Hornby Champion?


A Hornby Champion believes in potential. It means that as a local business or individual, you have a passion for supporting local children, youth, and their families to be all that they can be. You are a Champion of Hope.

If you are wanting to be philanthropic (really generous!) to those in need, then we can help you as you help us.

We love partnerships with local people and businesses who want to help make a difference in our community. If this is one of your values, we can support you to put this into


Our goal is to create hope for those in need – it’s our underlying mission and drive at Hornby Champion. We strive to see the youth and whanau of our local community given all the opportunity they need in life to succeed. Our focus has always been on those in need, and we would love you to help us make true impact happen in our community.

Now more than ever, we need to bring hope to those that are struggling, or to those that simply need our support.

Become a champion to your community – partner with us!

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What else would your support achieve?

Click the images above to find out more about our other programmes supporting Hornby families


Our partnership levels allow our Champions to give at the capacity that is best suited to them and their ability to contribute. Your level of partnership will be displayed with your company name on the Hope Champion website.

There are more ways in which you can increase the value of your support to us without increasing the cost to you. Either by choosing us to be your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, or by choosing us as your Good Cause through UpstreamNZ.

At this level, businesses commit to a support amount of $500.00 or (more) per month on an ongoing basis.

At this level, businesses commit to a support amount of $200.00 per month on an ongoing basis.

This is targeted at individuals who commit to a support amount of $50.00 per month on an ongoing basis.

How is the impact calculated?

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