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How do we
measure impact?

Ultimately, we measure our impact by the hope we bring to the people we work with. To help put this into perspective, we developed the following ways to estimate the value of our collective work.

Counselling service

We value our professional counselling sessions at $120.00 per hour but we know many people in the community can’t afford to access this service at this level. As a result, we often provide counselling at a more feasible price, well below the value of $120.00. We then keep track of how often we do this and how much for. For example, if we provide a counselling session for $40.00, we know that we have created (with your support) $80.00 of social value to the community.

Horizons OSCAR

This service provides a safe place for kids to be before school, after school and during the school holidays, and it is run in some low decile schools in Hornby. We know that many of our working families struggle to cover the cost of this support and so, rather than seeing these children left at home without support or supervision, we subsidise its true cost. This subsidy is what we track and add to our social value register. We also have a Hardship Fund which allows us to target special support to families who we know to be in real need.

Community Support work

Our Community Support work supports people in need at no cost, with a focus on practical, short-term assistance such as with finding work, getting medical support or securing accommodation. We estimate the value of this at $100 per hour of support provided to our local community.

Other projects

Our other projects include a basketball sponsorship with Hornby High School and a partnership with Gilberthorpe School. For these, we simply track the amount of financial investment that we have directly provided or enabled to be invested into each respective project. 

How is the impact calculated?

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